One Day With Kitesurfing School -Kite Control Portugal

Kite Control is your premium kitesurf school in Lisbon area, Portugal. The team takes proper care of the student's individual goals, expectations, and concerns through the custom-tailored kitesurfing programs. Kite Control Portugal is a licensed school registered by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKO) and fully insured by Mutua dos Pescadores. Your safety is our priority.

Through this video we want to show you how one day with us looks like. We leave home in the morning with some kitesurf gear ready for the lessons, driving to our amazing flat water spot in just 2 minutes, the Obidos lagoon.

“Lagoa de Obidos” is a protected area so we come and go with a van using mother nature at its best and making sure we leave nothing behind. That way we can use the best conditions according to the different wind directions and satisfy our clients.

Providing quality and safe kitesurfing lessons in Portugal is our priority. We always arrive 45 minutes before the first lessons start to unpack the kites and place the rescue boat in the water. We use an inflatable 3m boat with a small engine to pick up the students or riders who went too far and can’t come back on their own. The lagoon is very safe but it’s faster and much easier to use a boat for safety purpose.

Timing the kite lessons according to the wind forecast we make sure everyone learns with the best conditions possible. Every student gets a flotation vest, helmet and all the gear required for his kite session.

When everyone is ready we can start the lessons all together and that’s when the fun begins. Learning how to kitesurf in Portugal usually takes between 6 and 10 hours. You will remember your first ride forever and you will have fun right from the beginning.

You will start with some theory and safety on the beach and end in the water learning the different steps to get up on the board.

At the end of your session, you will get a feedback to help you understanding and progressing. Then, we pack down the material and drive back home to clean and organize it.

This is a short explanation of what a day looks like. But the best is to find out by yourself by booking your kitesurf lessons with us in Portugal ;-)

We hope you enjoyed the video ! See you soon :-)