Semi-private lessons prices: 3h: 110€ - 6h: 200€ - 9h: 280€ - 12h: 360€ - 15h: 430€
(Price per person)

Includes full equipment, insurance and rescue boat


  • Semi-private lesson means 1 instructor with 2 students sharing 1 kite and 1 board

  • You will take turns every 10 minutes - you can then rest time to time

  • Sharing 1 kite means that you will learn from watching each others

  • You need to bring a bathing suit to wear underneath the wetsuit, a towel, some water, some sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses - we provide everything else

  • The duration of each lesson is 3 hours

  • We recommend one lesson per day as it gets tiring and we need you focused to learn efficiently - however this can be discussed as it depends on your own physical ability

  • We set the time of your lesson the day before so we have the latest update of the wind forecast - you will get a notification

  • We depend on the wind so we all have to be fairly flexible

  • Please arrive minimum 15min in advance

Which package for you?

Based on our proven international experience we recommend the following:

  • 12h to 15h: For the complete beginners with no previous board sports experience as you will have to learn how to fly the kite and how to ride the kitesurf board.

  • 6h to 9h: Could suit the ones who have some previous board sports experience like wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing or windsurfing as you might be able to learn how to ride the kitesurf board a little faster then the others.

  • Less than 6h: The way to go if you are looking at improving or refreshing some acquired skills. This also suits the ones who want to discover the sport and learn the basics of kitesurfing before enrolling in the full course.

The Group Kitesurfing Lessons offered by Kite Control Portugal is a fantastic opportunity and fun way to experience the thrill of kitesurfing all together with your friends! Learn how to kitesurf in Portugal in a group of maximum 2 students.

Your instructor will run you through different steps to make sure you become an independent kiteboarder as quickly as possible and will keep track of each and everybody's progress side by side. Our group kiteboarding lesson is tailored to ensure everyone in the group feels comfortable and safe while having an amazing time riding the kitesurf board and flying the kite as we aim to advance your skillset to the next level without fear or apprehension. Our professionally trained, certified-IKO instructors keep an eye on your safety and progress all the time.

During the lessons, you will share the kite, taking turns every 10 minutes. That gives you time to watch your friends practicing which is a really good way to learn from each other. Your kite instructor will explain what’s good or not and use these to improve your own skills. After the completion of each course you will be provided an insightful feedback, surely the best way to enhance your kitesurf skills.

The group kitesurfing classes are held in the lagoon, our beautiful home spot located a short drive from Lisbon. The Obidos lagoon is the perfect spot to learn how to kitesurf in Portugal due to its consistent wind and flat shallow waters. Learning in clam waters reduces the learning time as it’s a lot easier. You don’t have to fight against heavy waves or strong current. We take the pride of being the premium kitesurf school in Peniche area due to our professionalism and location.

Learn kitesurfing with us on the Obidos lagoon, come to practice with us and then feel comfortable enough to ride the world wide known waves of the area. Kite Control Portugal is driven by a strong passion for the sport and will always be there to help you progressing. Learning kitesurfing in Portugal with professionals is the best and safest way to get into the sport !