Dakhla Kitesurf Camp -Kite Control Portugal

Kite Control is your premium kitesurf school in Portugal. We organize frequent trips away to kitesurf in amazing places with amazing people. We love traveling to kite in Portugal but we also like traveling outside of the country to discover new spots and meet different cultures.

Every year, a lot of people from all over the world visit our kite school located in Lisbon area. We have the opportunity to meet them all and spend time in the water with them which creates a nice atmosphere on the spot. Meeting like minded people is really fulfilling. The kite trips we are offering are a good opportunity for all of us (and not only) to meet again and do what we love together.

We have organized the two previous editions of the Kite Control Trip in Dakhla. Situated on the edge of the Western Sahara desert in Morocco, the Dakhla peninsula shelters a huge 45 kilometre long flat water lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean, so whatever your level and riding preference are, you will find what you need. This spot is safe and fun for everyone.

There is different options when it comes to choose the camp. We always try to find the best balance between confort, location, vibe, professionalism and price. You can't really go wrong with the location as the wind blows into the lagoon, offering a cross-shore direction on both side.

We organize the trips but we also travel with you. We are there to kitesurf and make sure you have the time of your life! We will guide you on the spot, we will organize photo shooting to keep memories from our trip, we will organize stretching sessions in the morning to keep you in shape for the long days in the water, we will teach kitesurfing to the ones who need lessons and we will make sure you keep your smile during the whole trip.

We would like to share with you our last trip's video and pictures. Enjoy and if you want to be part of the next adventure, keep yourself informed and follow us on facebook ;-)