Why do we organize kitesurf trips?

Here at Kite Control we offer you an amazing way to improve your kite skills while having an amazing time. Our trips.

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We take people traveling with us to kite abroad for a variety of reasons. We would like our clients to know that the primary reason as to why we organize trips is not to make money, but rather because we love travelling and we put together these activities so that we can do what we love while sharing such an enriching experience with them. Our goal is to create and develop the community around the school and with these trips we are able to convey the sense of partnership that surely develops the customer loyalty we thrive for.

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You as a client may come for lessons, but it’s our objective to deliver such a fantastic experience with everything that we do that you will be eager to book a trip with us and become lifelong customers. The sense of community around the school acts as a different element to the routine that impacts people’s life, and having happy customers means having returning customers! It’s an all-around win/win situation. This is the main reason as to why we do trips, because we love traveling and we love sharing it with people. We go to amazing places here with Kite Control and every time we go, we fall in love with the location we explore. “It’s amazing, we should bring more people here”, is one of the phrases you hear our staff say the most when travel during our personal time. We believe it is our duty as kitesurfing aficionados to share these truly life changing experiences and wonderful kitesurf spots with each one of our great clients. These are experiences that will make you a kitesurf enthusiast for life, if you are not one already.

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We also travel in order to kitesurf with our customers to make sure they have the best conditions possible to practice the sport all year round. We organize our kitesurf trips so they coincide with the best seasons in each place and when the conditions are not ideal in Portugal. Even then, we can travel while Portugal’s season is on, since we insist on giving our clients the opportunity to travel and experience different spots. We like to keep in touch with them and try to make sure they have fun and keep giving positive feedback to our brand. In short, we focus on taking our customer’s experience to its limit of enjoyment, and our trips are an exquisite tool for doing so.

After we find such spots, we talk about them and put a trip together making it available to our clients to book generally generating very happy and positive feedback. Of course, these trips also come with extra added value, like kitesurf coaching, the knowledge we have about the spot, some tips at the moment we arrive and everything being previously organized for the paying crowd. Therefore, the only thing you as a customer really need to do is to have fun. You just need to tell us you’re coming, pay the deposit and everything else is taken care of for you.

We mainly travel to Morocco, more specifically to Dakhla. Dakhla is simply amazing, it’s a big massive lagoon surrounded by dunes in a never-ending desert, being its closest city Dakhla City, which is small in a rather cute way featuring an equally small airport. The spot is really wide and it’s always windy there, especially during the season we go there in, in May.

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The Kite Spot isn’t the only great thing about Dakhla, it’s also packed with a relaxing vibe and great hotels around the lagoon and bungalows by the beach. Dakhla’s cuisine is also a great selling point to this stupendous location, heavily influenced by Moroccan barbecues. There are plenty of reasons to travel to Dakhla with our kitesurf trips, the spot is perfect for riders of all levels of experience in kitesurfing. The wind is always moderately strong and flat waters are really good for beginners who are looking to improve. We organize amazing downwinders from the camp on the lagoon all the way to the White dune which is a little bit further downwind. The location features great landscapes with the bonus fact that it’s not too far from Lisbon via plane. With a one-hour flight to Casablanca and a three-hour flight to Dakhla, you will be cruising on your board close to Mauritania in no time.

As for our upcoming trip this November we chose Brazil. This decision came from Kite Control’s founder, François, who enjoyed dream trip there last winter. He described the site as having “simply perfect weather conditions for the sport”, so much so that he wants to go there again, maybe even once a year! The plan is to go to Brazil, Nordeste, landing at the closest airport in Fortaleza. There we will be able to find really amazing conditions for kitesurfing, all the way up from Fortaleza to Atins, from July all the way until January, which perfectly combines with the Dakhla trips whose season goes from January to September. Not only does this location have astonishing kitesurf spots for kitesurf coaching, with moderate to strong wind, but Brazil is also all about its local life and breathtaking landscapes.

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There are a good number of kitesurfing spots around Fortaleza, such as Praia de Cumbuco, Praia do Preá, Ilha do Guajirú, Canoa Quebrada, Jericoacoara, and many more. One of the most famous spot is Praia de Cumbuco. Located approximately 30km from Fortaleza, Cumbuco is one of the places with the best structure to receive kite surfers in the Ceará region. The destination offers good accommodation options, guarded beach huts and most importantly good winds. It has long been the home of people from all over the world, in love with the wind and the diversity of this remarkable spot. where there are miles of beaches with perfect sea and wind conditions. It’s possible to downwind to the famous Cauípe lagoon as well as to feast on its beautiful International cuisine.

One of our favorite regions, and main spot we visit, is Ilha do Guajirú. Come with us explore this fantastic region, it has less people and therefore less movement, a great infrastructure for kitesurfing and flat waters, overall an amazing spot for every kind of kitesurf practitioner. For the past few years it has drawn visitors from around the world looking for its tropical climate, the fantastic landscape of its fishing village and its adrenaline-laden winds suitable for kitesurfing. Guajirú Island is a small peninsula, which is linked to the mainland by a strip of sand with a large saltwater lagoon that changes with tides and gives the place a certain charm. Being in Guajiru Island one can be mistaken thinking he’s in paradise, with its boats and rafts, its trees and vast coconut groves, its beach of clear sands, dunes and its emerald sea with transparent green waters in which you can even see small fish. It’s certainly a spot you can count on visiting if you book this trip with us.


As for Preá, tranquility, small waves and a strong wind make it one of the most dreamed destinations for kitesurfers around the world. It’s half an hour away from Jericoacoara, which allows you to experience the sea during the day and party in Jericoacoara at night.

In the Nordeste, the sky is rarely completely blue, not due to bad weather, but since its beaches about 25 kilometers from the capital of Ceará are always multicolored from the thousands of airborne kites gathered from all the corners of the world. Even before reaching the sands of these beaches it’s already possible to see the kites on the horizon. It is one of the most sought-after destinations for those who want to enjoy the thrill of kitesurfing. Are you one of these people? Book your kitesurf trip with us and come enjoy these alluring spots in the Nordeste of Brazil with added kitesurf coaching and general guidance of our staff at Kite Control.

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