Kitesurf at Obidos lagoon, Portugal.

Along with our Kiteboarding School, Portugal’s wonderful Óbidos Lagoon offers a variety of activities such as Mountain Biking, Kitesurfing and much more. All this at a location in Portugal that will surely leave you in awe. Visit our home page for more information.

With us at Óbidos you can savor a cultural experience riddled with passion for aquatic sports. Learn about and feel the city all the way through your bones. Enjoy your stay aided by a wonderful cocktail of experiences. Grow as a person, and as an athlete. Bask In the moment.

Experience local cuisine, local people and all the surrounding ambience, while you’re on an intermission of focusing on the main event that is practicing water sports such as surf and kitesurf at the jaw dropping Óbidos Lagoon in western Portugal just north of Lisbon.

Surf your way through waves of excitement while honing your skills, or simply learning new ones. There’s also nothing like taking a break ending up in such refreshing and crystal-clear body of water to take a breath or two and admire the moment you’re in.

Feel the positive vibes with our team of friendly yet professional and experienced instructors, more than a job this is a passion project for everyone involved.

We believe this is the only way one can really convey the beauty of these sports and enjoy every activity to its core.

Water isn’t the limit, not even the sky is the limit, Óbidos lagoon is also a place for paragliding lovers to travel over the beautiful green cliffs and mesmerizing blue waters of the lagoon while their eyes feast on gorgeous sunsets.

Want to reach new heights? It’s possible with our kitesurf lessons and also with paragliding if you’re already experienced at it! You’ll be up in the skies in no time.

Take a bike and explore our mountain biking trails where you can find out that Óbidos is beautiful in a variety of ways. From its countryside to its rustic bridges connecting the shores of lakes and lagoons. It’s a colorful and healthy way to become aware of the vast beauty this world has to offer.

Nature is not the only thing you can admire, if man made structures spark your interest, then you’re in luck since Óbidos Castle and its commanding walls are an architectural feat of impressive dimensions.

Even just by watching the local fisherman you can be inspired in a multitude of ways. Connecting with someone who is simply enjoying their hobby while the sounds of the waves calmly brings them to the Zen state of happiness we all strive for. Sounds familiar?

If you’re a party type of person, the area also has that covered for you. Fancy a sunset party on a bar’s terrace? Plenty of that for you. Either if you prefer a Gin or a refreshing glass of water, nothing beats a cool drink after a day of exhausting yet exciting physical activity.

All of this here. At Kite Control, the kiteboarding school in Portugal for you.