Introduction To Kitesurfing -Kite Control Portugal

During the preceding two decades kitesurfing has grown from little more than an aspiration, some may say the fantasy of a few… to become a passion shared by millions. It turns out the feeling of being free (oh, and flying) is more addictive than anyone had really bargained on. Once the mere vision of a a few part-time dreamers, kitesurfing has grown from its humble Hawaiian roots to become a reality that people from all corners of the world now live and breathe. Today rivalling its contenders as the most popular water sport on the planet, kitesurfing has become so much more than a sport. For many, kitesurfing has become a way of life. A shared and integral part of individuals’ weekly ritual and lifestyle. A welcomed break from the monotonous, the dull & the dreary.

Burgeoning a community of simple souls; kitesurfing has provided fertile ground for both the foolhardy and the feint-hearted to reconnect with nature whilst revelling in her wrath. Whilst we cannot overlook the environmental impact kitesurfing has and continues to have on the planet, it has undoubtedly been this ability to re-introduce people to the outdoors; the ferocious albeit generous nature of our constantly changing environment that has been at the epicentre of kitesurfing’s success story.

Kitesurfing has been able to tap into people’s minds and foster a novel yet lasting relationship with the outdoors that many may previously have never been introduced to. To be a kitesurfing enthusiast requires respect & promotes both patience & perseverance, habits we may find ourselves to be in short supply of in our daily rush from A to B. Not only can we find peace out on the water, but the beach provides a place to make serendipitous friendships and lasting relationships. All of which are fruits of the fertile soil kitesurfing has helped to create.

More than a hobby or a past-time, kitesurfing has become the determiner of peoples’ travel habits and the focal point around which vacations and adventures are planned and lived out. For so many, kitesurfing has transformed the wind from being seen as some sort of blustery menace to a vilified god to be worshipped and prayed to. Even begged to. Anyone who has waited with bated breath for the wind to pick up strong enough to be able to ride for just half an hour knows what we’re talking about.

Vigorously, passionately, & somewhat fanatically incorporated into people’s lives, the high-octane, adrenaline pumping water sport known as kitesurfing has continuously proven itself to be able to tick all the right boxes. A challenging yet sustainable physical workout and a healthy stimulant for the mind. It can be a mellow, relaxing, somewhat ephemeral experience… your kite being some kind of hallowed passage to the other side where there are no bills to pay, no deadlines to reach, and no meetings to attend. Yet, depending on the weather conditions, it can also be an exercise in survival. A feat only for the foolhardy and, well, the fools to be quite honest. Kitesurfing doesn’t force you to push the envelope, but it at least invites you to the party. 

The only thing for certain is that kitesurfing has well and truly captured the people’s collective imagination; capitalizing on individuals’ burning desire to fly. To be free. And, fortunately for us, as long as there’s wind there’s a way.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do !