Our Partnership With Kitezone Dubai -Kite Control Portugal

We have teamed up with Kite Zone Dubai to offer our respective students the opportunity to more easily hunt down quality kiteboarding instruction in both Portugal & Dubai. So, if you are traveling to Dubai and you would like to learn how to kitesurf with some qualified and experienced instructors and in the most epic conditions, then you can follow the link to the kite Zone Dubai website. Kite Zone Dubai teach their lessons on the warm and calm waters of Ness Nass beach in Jumeirah, just a 10minutes drive out of the city center.

Visit the website by clicking the link HERE

A few words about Kite Zone Dubai...

"Kite Zone Dubai is your premium local Kitesurfing and Stand-up Paddle Boarding school in Dubai. Our instructors are all certified kiteboarding professionals with international teaching experience and a strong passion for what they do. We know that you want to learn to kitesurf in Dubai in the quickest, safest, and most fun way possible, and we are here to help make sure this is exactly what happens!

Through our hugely successful kitesurfing lesson package programme, we have taught hundreds of tourists visiting Dubai and many, many locals how to kitesurf safely, and we have had heaps of fun along the way! We strive to make kitesurfing accessible to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Whether you are simply looking to enjoy your vacation in Dubai on the beach or searching for your next adrenaline fix, kitesurfing can be the epic challenge you've been waiting for! Our goal is to teach you to become an independent rider; competent, confident, and part of our friendly kiting community. We offer customised private kitesurfing lessons that are tailored to each and every individual student. If you'd rather learn alongside a friend, we also offer group kitesurfing lessons."

François Berck