Rent A Villa In Western Portugal -Kite Control


At the crossroads where the vast Atlantic Ocean meets the beauty of the Western Portugal ‘s coast, we seek to pay tribute to a unique region abundant in natural resources, white sand beaches and seamlessly beautiful places that make this area such a one-of-a-kind experience.

We made a selection of the best villas, beach houses and country houses in the region, just perfect for your next vacation. We offer concierge service, private-chef, airport shuttles, off the beaten track guided experiences, fully customised to your preference.

The region comprehends an area of more than 2000 km2 enabling endless possibilities to experience good quality time in family. Whether you’re seeking to surf and relax by the beach or experience the Portuguese gastronomy while escaping through mountains and vineyard valleys, caters to inspire you to take the most out of your travel experiences.

Let's plan your stay! First thing is to book your kitesurf lessons with us. 

You will then need to find a nice villa for your family. We have the solution for you. We have been working with WESTERNPORTUGAL and these guys will give you the best advise on how to organize your stay in the area. You can contact them directly HERE.



François Berck