You are looking at learning how to kitesurf in Portugal ? You are not sure how long it takes ? You don't really know what package suits you ? Of course, there is so many options ! 

We are writing this post to explain little of kitesurf lessons work.

The difference between the 3 options mentioned is the ratio number of students per instructor. Private lessons are 1 student with 1 instructor using 1 kite // Semi-private lessons are 2 students with 1 instructor using 1 kite (to share time to time) // Group lessons are (usually) 4 students with 1 instructor using 2 kites (to share time to time). 

The TIME you spend with the KITE in your hands AND the TIME that the INSTRUCTOR spends with YOU will affect the learning curve. In fact, when you learn something new you need to spend time doing it. The more time, the better result ! 

To learn how to kitesurf efficiently, you need guidance, assistance and time to practice. 

Through our national and international experience, we have realized that over a 2:1 ratio (Semi-private tuition), the lessons are doable but not efficient enough to meet our quality standards. This is the reason why you will not find Group Lessons in our services.
We could always do it on request ("the customer is king") BUT we do not recommend it !

Also, from a safety point of view it is not always safe to have more than 1 kite to control in case something goes wrong.

We just thought it would be good to clarify before the season really kicks in :-) Must know before you book your kite lessons ;-)

See you in the water !

François Berck